Payment Methods

Participating Bank

Payment can be made through Online Banking, Cash Deposit or Cheque Deposit to Young Khalifah Maybank Account Number that can be retrieved once check-out has been done. 

Please type in YOUR NAME in the TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION and NOTIFY us by including this phone number (011-39102268) OR Young Khalifah email ( when making the payment for us to track your transaction. Failure to do so will result your order NOT to be processed.

When payment has been made, please MAKE SURE you fill in our Payment Notification form in order for us to acknowledge your payment.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment has to be made within 3 working days, otherwise your ORDER will be canceled.
Easy, breezy with 3 Steps of Making Payment:
  • Before making any payment
  1. Place your order.
  2. Check-out. (Double check the Billing and/or Shipping Address)
  3. Take note our Maybank Account Number and Beneficiary Name/Holder. 
  • While making the payment
  1. ​In the TRANSACTION Description type in YOUR NAME (it'll be easier for us to track your payment in our HISTORY/TRANSACTION details).
  2. In the Beneficiary Payment Alert - check the box of EMAIL or SMS by including Young Khalifah main email: or phone number: (011-39102268).
  • After making the payment
  1. ​Fill in our Payment Notification form for us to track your transaction. If you did not hear any reply from Young Khalifah within 3 days, give us a BUZZ via email or phone call.